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oil change longmont

Steve's Alignment

The most vital maintenance you can have performed on your car, truck or SUV is a standard oil change.

Fortunately, it is also one of the least expensive mechanical procedures available.

If you live in Longmont, Colorado, trust your vehicle's oil changes to Steve's Automotive. Steve's ASE-certified technicians have been performing oil changes on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models in Boulder County and the Colorado Front Range for more than a decade.

Regular oil changes keep your engine properly lubricated and protect against unnecessary strain caused by excessive friction and heat. Most cars, trucks and SUVs benefit from an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Steve's Alignment

Over time, the heat generated by your engine breaks down engine oil. oil change longmont can make the oil watery and/or gummy, which reduces its ability to protect your engine's vital moving parts. The longer you wait to change the oil, the thinner and dirtier it gets, increasing the chances of damage to your engine. In fact, over time, engine oil absorbs water, combustion byproducts and dust, which not only clog and corrode your engine, but prevent the oil from lubricating as it should.

Fresh oil lubricates and cools engine parts. Each vehicle make and model requires different types of oil, from the brand to the weight and viscosity. While some "quick lube" chains use a one-size-fits-all approach to their oil changes, Steve's takes your vehicle's year and other details into consideration when choosing the type of oil to add. Steve's offers conventional oil changes, along with synthetic and diesel oil changes on domestic and imported cars, light trucks and SUVs. Steve's Alignment

If your vehicle begins showing low oil levels between changes, stop in at Steve's for a check-up. Steve's technicians will make sure your vehicle does not have an oil leak or other problem that could result in engine failure.

Even better, Steve's Automotive offers a comprehensive range of auto repairs in its full-serve shop. In addition to oil changes, coolant flushes and tire rotations, technicians are capable of performing maintenance and repairs on transmissions, electrical systems and air conditioning units, among other vehicle components.

Steve's technicians are trained to work on nearly any make or model of vehicle. If Steve's doesn't have the parts you need, they will order and install them promptly.

Even better, Steve's technicians won't try to sell you parts or service you don't need. They will talk to you about your vehicle's condition in terms you understand in keeping with Steve's tradition of honesty and excellent customer service.

And Steve's won't forget you when you leave the shop. When it's time for your next oil change or other regular automotive service, you will receive a letter from Steve's inviting you to schedule the procedure. It is customer service like that that makes Steve's the most trusted auto repair business in Longmont and the rest of Boulder County.

Steve's Automotive is located at 510 2nd Avenue in downtown Longmont, just east of Highway 287, about one-half mile north of Ken Pratt Boulevard. Contact Steve's Automotive to schedule your oil change today.